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You are welcome to the online compass resource page.

Do you often ask yourself, “what resources you need to build a profitable online business?”

This is very important because the resources you use virtually determine your business success.

One of the greatest challenges in  building an online business is finding the right tools that fit both your business needs and budget constraints.

Starting an online business can be tough, as hitches you never imagined crop up along the way. However, with the right tools you are able to conquer this challenges.

I have curated the necessary tools for you to start and build up your online business. These are the same tools I use in my business. I’ll update the page as soon as I find more tested and proven  tools.

Before we begin, I want to disclose to you that there’re some affiliate links (but not all the links) on this post. I feel obligated to tell you this because I hold you in high esteem.

Most of my recommendations are products I use, or know to be good for my readers.


Bluehost is a solid all-around choice for web hosting, and its my first choice hosting service provider.


I use Bluehost, and I have had a pleasant experience with them. This should be the choice of any one that wants to make money blogging because it supports adverts and affiliating marketing unlike the free platforms out there.
You’ll always get one free domain from Bluehost when you buy hosting.

It’s highly compactable with word press, and its wordpress  endorsed hosting company.

Installation of wordpress on bluehost is so easily done with a click automatic installation.

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Divi theme

Divi theme is an impressive theme that allows you to customize your site to your taste. You can change the layout of all post and pages just by editing template. This is really hassle free.

All pages can also be designed independently, allowing you to make every page an experience for your readers.

Furthermore,  it’s a user friendly theme that even first timer can use.


Divi WordPress Theme

My Commitment

I’m committed to finding and validating tools for the success of your online business before publishing on this blog.  If you want to be the first to know when there is an update, please check back regularly, or sign up  below to have it delivered directly to your email box.

How to make affiliate marketing work for you

If you are looking at building a profitable online business, affiliate marketing should be top on your list.

This free e-book will  teach you how to make money with affiliate marketing. It also debunks some myths about affiliate marketing that may prevent you from being profitable as an affiliate marketer.

I have included work sheets in the e- book to help you track how well you’ve gone to choose the  best products to sell on your site.


The definitive guide for designing a homepage that converts

First impression matters. Your homepage is the major door way into your site.

The state of your home page determines whether your visitors will proceed further into your site or quit.

For homepage of a blog or website to convert well it must include some essential elements.

This guide tells you all you need to know to design a home page that converts visitors to customers.

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How to know your target audience and gain more traction in business


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This worksheet  is meant to supplement my article on “how to know your target audience and gain more traction in business” 

Knowing your target audience is very important to the success of  your business.

Defining your target audience should be the first step in your business development.

This guide will help you to  identify and connect with the right customers for your business.