30 ideas to definitely know what to blog about.

by | Nov 13, 2017

Coming up with what to blog about can be a serious challenge regardless of how experienced you are as a blogger.

I am sure the most common question asked by bloggers especially the one  ones is what to blog about.

Whether you are a brand new blogger of an experienced blogger, not having ideas about what to blog about can be incredibly frustrating.

So, I have put together these 30 ideas to know what to blog about.

#1.  Be a myth buster:

Write about what pisses you off in your niche  or a misconception in your niche. People are always ever thinking wrong. Look out for myths in your niche.

Come up with blog ideas from this, and write about it without judging others. Write in such a way to show you care and want to help others avoid the painful mistakes you see happening all the time.

A title that easily come to mind is “10  Myths About ….”

#2 Give tips




You can give tips on virtually any topic. For example, blogging tips, parenting tips, study tips and lots more.

How about giving out tips on how to achieve what you have achieved already.  Or tips to get even greater results.

#3. Write listicle or write a list.

List writing are really popular online. This is common with Buzzfeed. Listicle is what made buzzfeed so popular. You can compile a list of listicle are usually well shared on social media and some them do better than 5,000 – 10,000 word articles.

The word listicle is simply a combination of list + article. These posts are usually a list of items. Examples are 5 ways to raise money for school, 50 gift items for christmas or 7 reasons why the …

So, consider some topics that will allow you ;to create a list and share on your blog. Your audience love them and they are most times sources of inspiration.

#4. Beginner guides.

There are many guides written online everyday.

No doubt this guides are good and well accepted by intermediate and advanced users.But some of this guides are not tailored to meet the needs of beginners.

I have been in situation where I had to seek a guide  to get things done, especially technical stuff. Most of the guides are came across were too advanced for me to follow.

And, I had to spend lots of time searching and opening pages just to get a simplified version of the guide. In some case you search to no avail.

It’s wrong to assume every body has the same level of understanding. Sometimes, it’s necessary to bring things down to ABC level for some people to get.

When at lost as to what to blog about. Try beginner guide.


#5. Complete authoritative guide

Writing an authoritative guide is a way to establish yourself as a authority in your niche.

#6. DIY

Have you thought of do it yourself blog posts? These  are great articles.

Teach people how to DIY and they will love you for helping them to save money that would have been spent on getting someone to do it for them. In addition, the satisfaction and joy of knowing that they performed the task all by themselves is quantifiable.

If you are good in craft, gardening, decoration, carpentry, or you have skills and you are willing to  teach people this skills, by all mean

s go ahead with it.

#7. Still looking for what to blog about? Do product reviews.

Review the products you are using. In most, cases product owners send you products to review on your blog if you get substantial traffic to your site.

It’s imperative that you are authentic in reviewing these products. The best way to do this to be completely truthful to your readers in your reviews. Also, let them know if you are paid to do it or it’s just an affiliate product.

#8. Blog about your business process.

Give your readers a sneak peak into your business. They will be delighted to know how you make things happen in your business.

#9. Write on the best of

Draw your reader’s attention with this post. For example, best 10 cds, top 10 bloggers in your niche, advice on … from the these top 10 bloggers.

#10. Interviews

Conducting interviews with experts in your niche gives you something to blog about. This is especially good for those just starting out.

Not only does it give you something to blog about, but it also helps you to connect with influencers in your niche and bring your into the spotlight..

Because the influencers are happy to share post like this on social media, which exposes you to their large followers.

#11. Share GIFs and MEMES

They are entertaining and they generate a lot of shares and comments. This is a fun way to break up your content. Find GIFs and MEMES in your niche to share that others can relate with. They do not only add fun to your blog, but also insights.

#12. Share what is trending.

Search out what is trending and blog about it. We all love trending things. Use google searches and google trends to find what is trending your niche to get blog ideas.

#13. Write on resources and tools.

Share helpful resources  and tools in your niche. When writing on resources don’t only write on the ones you use, also include the ones you do not use but are proven to be good.

#14. You may also blog about an event you attended.

Such as workshop and conferences.

#15. Blog about a collaboration you were involved in

For example in the face book  groups I belong to, there are opportunities to collaborate with other bloggers to do various things.

You can collaborate to write post, to host a webinar or design a course. These make great articles for your blog.

#16. Write testimonials;

Share people’s successes on your blog.  And include success stories of your readers as a results of reading your post or using your products. Carefully highlight the steps they took to achieve their success.

#17. Create an expert roundup post

Readers love expert roundups because they give insight into the most respected people in one place.

The way to create a roundup post is to come up with a  topic and find experts that want to contribute to it.

#18. Share with your audience the articles or books you’ve read for the week or month.

#19. Blog about what you wish you had known.

Let your readers know how difficult it’s being getting your foot in the door.

Put together all your mistakes and what you wish you did well and share with your readers. This sort transparency make them trust you more.

See this post on my three months blogging experience here.

#20. Share controversial stories

For example, “5  things you have not being told about blogging,” or “the reason why ….”

#21. Share how to

Readers are always seeking for people to teach them how to do things the right way. If you know your stuff you can create article to teach how to. How to are great resources for readers.

Just imagine the number of people looking online everyday for how to get things done. Give them the knowledge they seek and you will see your readership growing.

Now that you know what to blog about let me take into some way to get blog ideas.

As a matter of fact, the two cannot really be separated from each other. So, I have continue the list below.


I have learnt that the secret of generating blog ideas is consistent writing. The more you write, the more you know what to blog about.


As a blogger, start to collect ideas to blog about from forums. You will notice people share their fears, problems and successes Pay attention to these and jot them down.

You may not be able to read a wide range of forum everyday, but if you want to get blog ideas trailing some good forums in your niche will not be a b


Understand your target audience. Having a good picture of your target audience helps to generate ideas and know what to blog about.Get to know what they like, what their fears and strength are.


DO you get emails in your inbox from other bloggers in your niche? This could be a good source of inspiration to know what to blog about.

Use these emails as a lead to get blog ideas. Most of these bloggers know what the need of the audience are and they have skillfully crafted their emails to solve important issues.



Bookmarking sites is a great place to get ideas on what to blog about.

Though these help, I’ll advice you not to steal these ideas and copy them verbatim on your blog. Rather, use these idea to spark up what to blog about.

Copying content work is plagiarism. This is illegal  and unethical.


Checks blogs in your niche to get inspirations on what Tto blog about. There are blogs about anything you can imaging under the sun.


his is hot! I have particularly found these useful in knowing what to blog about.

In my opinion face book groups are help groups where you find bloggers that are extremely supportive.


Other interesting sources to get blog ideas are television and magazines in your niche.

Let what you find inspire original thoughts in you on the same or unrelated topic.


Buzzsumo is a great place to generate ideas for your blog content.

Finale tips on getting ideas on what to blog about

There you are! Every blogger has a period of downtime in his blogging journey. Not knowing what to blog about is one of such times.

And there are endless possibilities why this happens. But one thing is sure, you now have a way around it, if

you ever find yourself in such situation.


Be sure to share this post on your favourite social media. Thanks!

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